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Efficient green waste collection in Townsville

Are you looking for local waste management solutions? Do you need rubbish or recycling services? During wet season in the tropics, everything grows so fast. Pretty soon, your yard can get overrun. And since the introduction of the carbon tax, going to the local tip is not cheap.

For great value in green waste collection and disposal, Garden Wheelie Bin is the name you can trust. Operating in Townsville, we’re a fast, reliable and cost-effective answer to all your rubbish removal and waste management needs. What’s more, our environmental credentials mean you’re in safe hands when it comes to generating the best outcome for the planet. To clean up your yard at an affordable price, get in touch today!

What you get:

Our wheelie bins can be moved around as you mow, so they’re a more efficient alternative to garden bags. Whether you’re pruning roses or bougainvillea, simply drop the clippings in to avoid double handling. And if you’re fond of your garden and keep it neat and tidy, the wheelie bin is a smart addition. We supply and service a 240-litre bin every fortnight, which is an ideal capacity for garden waste.

Prices are: $158.00 per year; $88.00 ½ year; less than $3.05 per week.

As an option, we can also supply a second wheelie bin for a great rate!

Leading the march in mulch:

Private sector operators have been leading the way in advances in waste management operations. And as specialists in our field, we’re no exception. Our experienced team have heaps of expertise in all aspects of green waste disposal and recycling. But of all our credentials, we’re most proud of our reputation for being a reliable operator.

As a family-run business, we demand the highest standards of ourselves and our team. And we aim to deliver first-class customer service – it’s the secret of our success. Garden Wheelie Bin also offers a garden and rubbish removal service to keep your outdoor space looking grand. And our gift vouchers make an excellent alternative birthday or Christmas present for green-thumbed friends: a place for everything, and everything in its place.

Call us today on 0427 322 328 for more information!

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